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So it’s New Years Eve!  Tomorrow we get another fresh start at a brand new, squeaky clean year. It’s Mulligan! 

How awesome is that?

The New Year is kinda like a do-over.  Only we have to choose what we are going to do over and choose what we are NOT going to do again.

Oh I love that word.   What word you ask?  Choose.  Love it!  It’s power right there in 5 little letters.  I get to decide, no one else. I ChOoSE what happens in this new year.

What are you going to choose? 

I really hope you chose to leave all that crappy negative self-talk on the floor.  I know it can be easy to forget you’ve chosen to do that sometimes but that’s ok. As soon as you recall it’s all up to you,  you can tell that voice to get lost and replace it with the good fairy voice who believes you CAN do it and you ARE awesome cus you know you can and you are!

Ohh..or maybe you’ll do something really wonderful like take steps to be healthier in your mind, body and soul?  A big order but with a plan you can totally choose to do that.

There is a catch of course.  (I bet you’re thinking “always is!”)  The catch is you have to actually do it.  Chosing doesn’t happen to you, it is something that you do–on purpose. 

Ok so here’s the plan.  Take a moment and dream it up..what do you want in 2011??  Write it down.   Start it with “I will..”  (I will have, I will go…you get the idea).  Post it up somewhere you can see it.  Now the fun part.  Chose to make it happen. 

Have a super fun last day of 2010 and get ready to say hello to your life built on intentions in 2011!

Happy New Year!


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Exciting Announcement! Sale, Sale, Sale!!!

For the month of January only you can get yourself some coaching with me for half the normal cost!


January is when many of us start to think about making some changes, but it can also be a tough month after all that Christmas spending so; although I don’t normally do this I’m helping you out with an amazing offer!

Life Coaching is a purposefully designed partnership with a focus on strategically bringing your dreams into realization.  Together, let’s take you from where you are, to where you want to be!

I offer genuine support, encouragement, motivation and guidance to help you live your most fabulous life.

Sessions are held in person or by telephone.  I recently began offering sessions via Skype with just audio or audio and video!    Sessions are booked around your schedule; just let me know what you need.   All sessions include a Welcome Kit, email access, and any additional materials, handouts and/or assessments, based upon your situation, needs and goals.

Normally $ 120 – $360 per month ( 1-3 x 45 minutes); register with me during January 1 through the 31st and the cost is only $60 – $180. 

Need more info?  info@rivendellcoaching.com

Get this deal before it's gone!


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I am…

Quite possibly these are the most important two words in the English Language.

“I am”

Think about that for a moment.  Finish that short sentence off in your mind of you’ve just discovered how you create your reality.

What we think defines us.  How we  view the world defines it to us.  This is our reality.  These two words consisting of only three letters end up touching every aspect of our lives.  Yet, how often do we consider them? 

Our thinking is often flawed you know.  Based on childhood learning that of often..well let’s just say unrealistic? Skewed? Off-kilter?  Sure you may have had loads of trouble being organized in school but you’ve grown, you’ve matured, you can see the importance of keeping yourself clean and on time now.  So, why hasn’t your perception of yourself changed?  You can learn to be organized; perhaps you already have!  So how is it you still label yourself with an I am..disorganized?

Let’s get those “I am” statements and fix ’em up so they reflect what we want!  We have way to many negative ones. You have the power to change them.  So you go from “I am disorganized” to “I am learning to be organized” to at some point giving yourself the “I am organized”. 

No one else will do this for you so let’s start looking at these two powerful words and I think I will start with ” I am awesome!”   What is your reality check going to be?  How do you finish I am…  and what do you really want it to say?

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I think it would be a pretty safe bet to say that all of us at one time or another have made a New Year Resolution and then let it slide.  In fact if I were a betting girl, I’d put good money on most of us doing this very thing….every year.  It’s become a kind of joke in our society I think. 

The fact is we can’t blame the New Year; we can’t blame the resolutions or my favourite excuse “life got in the way”.  Oh come on!  Who are you trying to fool here?  Only one person to blame for not getting anywhere with these goals and that is you…because your resolutions sucked!

And they sucked because….

  • You made them too BIG.  Really? You thought losing 90 pounds by summer was realistic? C’mon now.  What is possible to do and probable to do are very different things.  In order to do something like that you’d have to change your lifestyle drastically.  We all know that this type of changing rarely sticks and we usually give up pretty quick. Be fair to yourself and make the goal real.
  • You made them too vague.  So you’re going to make more money this year huh? Ok.  So, it stands to reason that if  I give you a quarter you’ve reached that goal?  Not what you meant? Hmm.. So what DID you mean?  How much is more?  What does that really mean.  Be specific. Something like I want to earn an extra $200 a month to pad my savings.  Now you have a specific goal and you can actually go about figuring out how to do that and you’ll know when you have successfully done it. 
  • You made goals that didn’t matter to you.  If you really could care less if you ran a marathon then don’t make a sucky goal to run one.  You won’t do it.  Now writing the book that s burning inside of you might be a better goal because it matters to you…it has meaning.
  • You made way too many.  Let’s face it..we’d all like to have the energy of a two-year old but instead, we generally just have the focus.  You can only do so  much at once or you will burn yourself out.  I suggest you keep a journal of all the things you want to do (like a bucket list!) for later but try to focus on only a couple of goals at once.
  • You kept the goals hidden from others.  Here’s the thing, you usually need support, help or a bit of advice now and again.  If no one knows what you are doing they can’t provide that.  Let people know.  You’d be amazed at who might connect the dots for you!  There is also the idea that it might get you motivated to get going if you think others are watching your progress. 
  • You didn’t make a plan.  Really, you have to figure out how you are going to get where you want to be.  This plan can be changed as the need arises but you need to know the next step…or you can’t take it.  If your goal is to pay off your credit cards you need a plan. How much per month, where will that money come from, how to avoid using the card again and again…have a plan!

Anything look familiar? Ya..we all have New Years Resolutions that have sucked.  It’s ok.  Another year is just around the corner to try again (ain’t life grand that way?). 

 If you need a hand setting up your goals and making a plan..hey! That’s what I DO for people.   Drop me a line at info@rivendellcoaching.com !

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It’s Christmas Eve.  Tomorrow  is the big day we’ve been excitedly waiting on.  Before you get to the opening of gifts, the feasting and the nibbling take a few minute to enjoy all that you are blessed with.

I’ve started to notice a trend with people.  We are beginning to realize that keeping up with the Jones is a lot of work and rather fruitless work.  There is always someone with a bigger TV, a job that pays more or has more vacation time, someone with a newer car and the list goes on.  You can never win that race..only get tired and worn out trying.

Instead appreciate what you do have.  You may not have the newest car but it’s paid off (no payments = big yay!), your neighbour may get paid more than you but your boss is super and you have good job security and hey..you’ve got more than that guy who is living  on the streets. 

Don’t forget to look at the little blessings that make up our day-to-day lives.  Your children’s hugs before bedtime, the notes you wife puts in your pocket to let you know she cares and of course don’t forget the even smaller stuff like the fact that you can dance and you have great hair!

Appreciate your blessings.  You probably have many more than you are even aware of until you stop and really think about them. 

What are your top five blessings, the ones you kinda think should count twice?

Merry Christmas!

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Ever have one of those days where you just can’t find your groove?  You sort of feel like your turning in all directions but can’t figure out where to go?  I think we all have days like that.  I look at it as falling off track and a small hint that I need to step back and regroup.

What can you do when you simply don’t know what to do?  I suggest you start acting like a turtle.   I’m not suggesting you hide in your shell and wait if out though.  Let me explain.

First this is where having written down your goals helps enormously. Reminding yourself of where you want to end up is a surefire way to getting back on the right track.  Most likely you aren’t that far off of it anyway.  Taking a break is a good idea too.   Any mind that is too busy to focus has too many things flying around up there!  Give your ‘bats in the belfrey’ time to settle down by going for a walk or baking some cookies. (See! Cookie Meditation works in so many ways)

If you are really struggling here are two questions to ask yourself.

1. Where do I want to go?

2. What is ONE thing I can do today (tiny or small) that will put me that much closer to my end?  (ex. phone call, email, write a blog, join a networking community, offer to help someone)

Now, all you have to do is to actually go and do that one thing.

Let’s face it.  The turtle won that race with the rabbit by taking one small step, over and over in a steady pace. 

Be the Turtle! 

 (please read that in a whispery-inspiring sort of voice..thanks!)

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You need to get this right. 

Investing in yourself in terms of Life Coaching, university classes, hobbies, learning, sharing…whatever is GOOD.  It is good for you and is in no way selfish.

I hear so many people; friends and clients feeling this way.  (New parents are the worst for this.) 

Let’s get something straight.  You only have so much energy, so much endurance and so much patience.  Think of it all as filling your body kind of like your car’s gas tank.  By the end of the day, week or whatever you have depleted some of this energy.  Dealing with your family, late night work calls, the second job or just dishes depletes you even further.  Eventually, we collapse into bed and through sleep we do restore some of this energy.  The problem is it doesn’t quite get topped off.  We tend to fall a little short each day of completely filling our energy levels back up.  Imagine if your did that to your gas tank in your car? Each day filling it up, but just to the point where the line is a little lower each time.

As you can imagine after a while this takes a toll on us.  We aren’t starting from full so we get worn out quicker.  We run out of gas faster!

Taking time to invest in ourselves helps to move the levels back up to normal.  We feel more energized, happier and more at peace.  We actually end up having much more to give.

So get this right.  Taking time out for you once in a while can actually be a gift to those you love.  Don’t buy into that silly guilt thing as if you  must run your life as a slave to your family or job.  You will be miserable, tired and how is that good for those around you?

Personally, I love to take the time to read a good book, or take a long hike in solitude with my dog.  I love being part of a mastermind group or initiating a small networking event.  These things recharge me and I feel inspired once again. 

What things do you do to take some time to refill your personal tank? Please share with so that we can begin to learn from one another.

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