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Some interesting news this week of the possibility of sonar showing where Amelia Earhart’s plane’s final resting place might be.amelia

Check out the news here.

As a young girl I was rather fascinated by her story.  A women who did what she loved, was brave and adventurous at a time when what she wanted to do was generally frowned upon by societal norms.  And yet, she captured the heart and minds of people everywhere.

In fact, this sort of thing happens more often then we realize.  The ‘thing’ being admiring those who buck the ‘norms’ to follow their hearts desires.  Those people who felt the ‘shouldn’t do that’ label put on them by society, but went ahead and did it anyway.

What’s that really telling us do you think?

Clearly as a society we need a sense of normalcy and expected rules and understandings.  This helps us all get a long in a sense.  And yet, when these ‘norms’ and ‘rules’ prevent some of us from reaching for the stars (literally in Amelia’s case) we applaud people for pushing past them.  It seems we value those who are brave enough to be who they are – no matter what anyone else thinks.

We WANT to see the underdog win!

So how does that translate to our every day life?

Seems to me, as I look, I see far too many people living small and stopping themselves from reaching out and taking risks out of fear of upsetting the normal balance of things.  They are living as though that feeling of shouldn’t is their own personal truth!

What would Amelia say about that I wonder?

What does your heart and spirit say about that?

We all do it.  In fact, I’ve been holding back on a few things in case I can’t get it right, or figure it out or mess up and oh goodness….what will ‘people’ think?  I believe I have to rephrase that to what would I think?

Suddenly, when you ask that question; everything shifts.

What do I think about holding back to please unknown masses?  I think that most of them would cheer me on anyway.  I think that those who wouldn’t aren’t who I want in my corner.

Let’s face it, we need to buck tradition sometimes to see what else is out there.  To stretch and realize that what might have worked (or not) before can change and we can learn to be better versions of ourselves at any time.

One of the things I’ve wanted to do for a while but let lie is to shift this blog over to a self hosted one. One where I can offer more and get more creative with what I put out there.  Hanging out here has been wonderful, amazing and at times breathtaking.  I have noticed how much more self hosted blogs have to offer though and how much  more creative they can be.  I told myself I don’t have time to learn all that I’ll need to know to do it, but you know…that is what I told myself before I started this blog too.

So, I’m off to see what I can learn about it and take some steps to streeeeeetch myself in that direction today.

Life is about learning, growing and loving the process.  It’s also about falling flat on your butt sometimes, but even that can offer a different perspective on things.  Or at least a different view.turtleflying

The courses I’ve been taking recently have helped me dig even deeper into my soul’s purpose and you’re going to see some stuff happening in the next while.  I can’t wait. 

What are you going to do today to break through that feeling of ‘shouldn’t’?


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Happy Holidays my friends! 

I hope that you are taking some time to relax and recharge.  While you probably already know I decided to take the time between Christmas and New Year off (okay mostly off lol) I couldn’t help but pop in and send you all a quick message because this really got my feathers ruffled.

It’s at this time of year you’re going to hear a lot of stuff about your past resolutions and making new ones for this year and some folks will tell you how bad you are (or make you feel that way) because you didn’t keep all your resolutions or reach all your goals.  You know what? 

Screw that!

We, my darlings, are NOT going to waste all of our precious energy on the negative stuff!

No freakin way. 

We are not only too smart for that but we have too much love and joy not to celebrate it.

So before you buy into all of this stuff about why you didn’t get every thing done on your resolutions, before you beat yourself up for not being perfect, I have a different way of reflecting on 2011 for you to try on.

Throw out that self depreciating way of looking at life.  Get some paper and a pen (okay..use your ipad or playbook if you want!) and start a list. From last year I want you to think back…way back and start listing all the amazing, wonderful and super things that you did do.

You see, you may not have lost all 30 pounds you wanted to; but you did make some gains right? 10 pounds is still worth celebrating! So is being healthier because your broke you soda habit and the fact that you may have slipped on occasion, but you got up and kept on going. 

There isn’t a single person who gets everything on their resolutions accomplished every single year.  So what?  Goals are places we want to get to.  They are not the stick by which we should measure our possibilities or our worth.

Honest to goodness I get so mad when I hear people talking like they are complete failures because of it.  It is simply not true.  You have done great things, you have made a difference in yours and others lives.  I want you to put those things in writing.   Then…read them!  Bask in the joy and warmth of all that fabulous!

These ARE things that need to be whohoo’d!  So get on that. 

I’m right there, doing a happy dance with you!  Much love and congrats on all that you did accomplish this past year. 

Warm hugs, Bonnie


Internet High Five

C'mon, don't leave me hangin!


p.s.  You just started an accomplishment journal!  Keep going with it!  I’m going to be talking about those again soon.

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I think it would be a pretty safe bet to say that all of us at one time or another have made a New Year Resolution and then let it slide.  In fact if I were a betting girl, I’d put good money on most of us doing this very thing….every year.  It’s become a kind of joke in our society I think. 

The fact is we can’t blame the New Year; we can’t blame the resolutions or my favourite excuse “life got in the way”.  Oh come on!  Who are you trying to fool here?  Only one person to blame for not getting anywhere with these goals and that is you…because your resolutions sucked!

And they sucked because….

  • You made them too BIG.  Really? You thought losing 90 pounds by summer was realistic? C’mon now.  What is possible to do and probable to do are very different things.  In order to do something like that you’d have to change your lifestyle drastically.  We all know that this type of changing rarely sticks and we usually give up pretty quick. Be fair to yourself and make the goal real.
  • You made them too vague.  So you’re going to make more money this year huh? Ok.  So, it stands to reason that if  I give you a quarter you’ve reached that goal?  Not what you meant? Hmm.. So what DID you mean?  How much is more?  What does that really mean.  Be specific. Something like I want to earn an extra $200 a month to pad my savings.  Now you have a specific goal and you can actually go about figuring out how to do that and you’ll know when you have successfully done it. 
  • You made goals that didn’t matter to you.  If you really could care less if you ran a marathon then don’t make a sucky goal to run one.  You won’t do it.  Now writing the book that s burning inside of you might be a better goal because it matters to you…it has meaning.
  • You made way too many.  Let’s face it..we’d all like to have the energy of a two-year old but instead, we generally just have the focus.  You can only do so  much at once or you will burn yourself out.  I suggest you keep a journal of all the things you want to do (like a bucket list!) for later but try to focus on only a couple of goals at once.
  • You kept the goals hidden from others.  Here’s the thing, you usually need support, help or a bit of advice now and again.  If no one knows what you are doing they can’t provide that.  Let people know.  You’d be amazed at who might connect the dots for you!  There is also the idea that it might get you motivated to get going if you think others are watching your progress. 
  • You didn’t make a plan.  Really, you have to figure out how you are going to get where you want to be.  This plan can be changed as the need arises but you need to know the next step…or you can’t take it.  If your goal is to pay off your credit cards you need a plan. How much per month, where will that money come from, how to avoid using the card again and again…have a plan!

Anything look familiar? Ya..we all have New Years Resolutions that have sucked.  It’s ok.  Another year is just around the corner to try again (ain’t life grand that way?). 

 If you need a hand setting up your goals and making a plan..hey! That’s what I DO for people.   Drop me a line at info@rivendellcoaching.com !

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