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I am beginning a new concept today that brings me so much joy. 

Once or twice a month I will post on Wednesdays, a guest post from someone who wishes to share their wit and wisdom with us. It shall be known as “Wit & Wisdom Wednesdays!” <– Please read that in a very dramatic announcer voice okay? Thanks.

 I think we all have so much to share and learn from each other that it is important to remember to do so.

My first submission is from a dear lady Roberta Budvietas.  You might remember her from my Coffee with Soul interview with her.  Roberta definitely has wit and wisdom galore and I am so grateful that she has taken the time to share with us some of her personal thoughts on life.

Dear grandchildren:

One of the most wonderful gifts my grandmother passed on to me where her words to live by. I would like to pass these on to you.

But before I do, I just want to tell you a little about your Great, Great grandmother. She was born in Hungary and married very young. Shortly after my mother and uncle were born my grandfather went to Canada to build a safer life for his family. Grandpa was a butcher and after he opened several stores in Brantford Ontario, my grandmother, mother and uncle travelled across Europe and the Atlantic Ocean to join him. None of them spoke English and arriving in Canada was a scary experience for all of them. I was privileged to spend many summers and holidays working and staying with my grandparents and helping them around the farm and the store.

My grandmother taught me the following lessons. Many of them reinforced later by my husband and life experiences.

1. If you are unable to say anything kind then say nothing

2. Keeping your word is the most important thing as it is the only gift that is really yours to give

3. Always do your best. You may be unable to do it right but as long as you give it your all, you can never give anymore.

4. Avoid assumptions. You really never know what someone else is thinking or will do. You can only know what you do and think.

5. Avoid taking things personally. Nobody really cares about you so take personal responsibility and make it happen for yourself.

6. Live as if today was all the time there is.

7. Hug often and tell people that they matter to you.

8. Help others as often as you can. Give generously

9. Take care of the planet. Waste nothing.

10. Enjoy good food and cook fresh food.

11. Buy fruits and vegetables in season and enjoy them

12. Never shave your legs

13. Never go to bed angry

14. Try something new every day

15. Clean your room regularly

16. A little dirt never killed anyone

17. Say I love you to someone every day

18. You can do anything if you put your mind to it and then work really, really hard to make it happen

19. There is a God so believe

20. Be swift to praise and slow to judge

21. Always wear clean underwear

22. Stay aware of what is happening in the world

23. Talk to strangers but never get too close to them physically

24. Dance in your bare feet in the grass whenever you can

25. Smell the roses

26. Say thank you when you see a rainbow

27. Stretch when you wake up in the morning

28. Laugh often at things, never other people

29. It’s okay to cry.

30. Pray for what you want and then work hard to get it.

I am blessed to have wise people in my life. Be blessed too.

Your grandmother

Thank you so much Roberta!

Here’s a little bit more about Roberta.

Roberta Budvietas is a mentor, presenter who is passionate about helping businesses take ideas to $$$$S. She helps others make the impossible, possible.

Roberta is a Canadian by birth born on an Indian Reservation and a Kiwi by choice. Her business life started in a corner dairy that her grandparents ran. She has taken on sales roles, marketing roles, management roles in industries that include direct sales, manufacturing, wholesaling, importing, network marketing and tertiary education. She currently works for the family business mentoring businesses.

With her husband of over 40 years, she co-authors ebooks, articles, presentations and blogs. Roberta’s purpose is to help people find and live their purpose and she does this one day at a time living the 5 agreements.

You can find her at  roberta@budvietas.com or rgbudvietas on Skype.

Blogs include Get out of Stuck, Purposeful Performance Group and Eat the Rhino, Business Idea to Business Plan in 30 Bites.

Their Ebooks can be found on Keep It Simple then Simplify.


Interested in submitting to Wit & Wisdom Wednesdays?  Please do!

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