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Remember that old childhood game?

Someone got to be Mr. Wolf and everyone else screamed at the other end of the playground “What Time is it Mr. Wolf?”

The Wolf would whirl around and yell out a random time like 2 o’clock whereupon all the children would move forward 2 steps.

Eventually, the group would be closer and closer to Mr. Wolf.  Ooooh the excitement because any moment the wolf could yell “lunch time” instead of an actual time.

Then screaming begins; the chase is on and someone might get tagged to be the next wolf.

So exciting…so much fun!

You know what?  I’ve been wondering myself what time it is lately.  I realize something.   My quest for my ‘next step’ is kind of like that old game.

The thing is to some degree I hold both positions; wolf and the player trying not to be dinner!

I have to sometimes be the wolf and decide what time it is.  Sometimes I have to be the player who despite feeling like a nervous Nellie also feels the excitement and fun of advancing even though I might get tagged or out.  Too much fun to stop.

Earlier this year was a different time for me.  Earlier this year was the time to pick up challenges and go after them all.  It was a ‘say YeS’ to life time.  It was awesome!

Right now I am feeling times have changed.  I have asked my inner Mr Wolf what time it is and I’m hearing it’s a time to let go.  Scary, painful but exciting all at the same time because I understand that this time too will change and better things will be coming my way as soon as I make room for them. 

No matter what time is it, I keep moving forward.  I keep finding ways.   The important thing is to know what time it is for you.

Is it time for:

  • letting go
  • taking a bold step
  • finding the questions to ask
  • taking a break
  • recharging
  • charging forward
  • change

No matter what time it is in your life; listen to your inner wolf and honor him/her.  Mr. Wolf calls out the time, you have to try to move forward.

So I’m asking you, what time is it for you  Mr. Wolf?


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In the past I have been the self-proclaimed Queen of Procrastination. Big project to do in University? My house was never cleaner. Time to study for exams? My friends loved that time because I made all kinds of pies, casseroles and such.
Today, I’m much better at dealing with my desire to put off things by finding other things to do and I’m much happier for it. Still from time to time, I struggle against putting on my crown again.
I decided to ask some of the best bloggers, business owners and fabulous people I know to share their thoughts on how to beat back the procrastination monster. The responses were awesome! Thanks again to the TCLclub for their input! Please add your tips and thoughts too!


1. Becky Kimes @RebeccaKimes, Becky’s Blog “Spirited Marketing Coach”

This one will be different LOL. Procrastination is usually because by some kind of resistance. So FEEEL the resistance in your body. Actually sit there and notice, or ask yourself, where is this resistance in my body. And then fully eng…age all your attention on feeling that feeling. Experience it in totality. And be willing to be with it until it shifts or moves, without judgment. There could be a valid reason for the procrastination..like something that needs to be done before the task you are procrastinating. Or a limiting belief that want to be addressed. This is an inside out approach. To many times we try to force something into happening..to take action when what we really need to do is see and experience what is going on internally.

2. Roy A. Ackerman @RAAckerman, Roy’s Blog “The Adjuvancy, LLC”

There are no tricks of which I am aware. However, I do make a list of things that need to get done EVERY night. It becomes my nightly screensaver- so it’s the first thing I see in the morning.

3. Kristen Robinson @KRDMarketing, Kristen’s Blog “KR Design”

My tip for procrastination is to break up the task in little pieces. I usually procrastinate b/c the task is daunting to me. By breaking up in a little pieces it doesn’t seem too bad and I can be productive.

4. Melanie Kissell @melaniekissel, Melanie’s Blog “Solo Mompreneur”

To alleviate ‘blogging’ procrastination: Create a weekly or monthly editorial calendar. Seeing your topics/titles and a few bullet points for each in front of you will keep you from scrambling around at the last minute for ideas.

5. Veronica Campos-Hallstrom @ClubCreativeArt, Veronica’s Blog “Club Creative Studio”

A check list with a prioritized category. It will get you moving when you see a short important “to do” list instead of a long list that seems to never end and gives you a feeling of defeat before you even get started. And if you promise yourself a reward, it makes you want to earn your treat… be it a well-deserved afternoon nap or a candy bar!

6. Leanne Chesser @WAHMSolution , Leanne’s Blog “WAHM Solution

My best tip is to listen to your inner knowing and deal with the underlying issues or beliefs (very much like what Becky shared). Another tip is to focus on the “why” or the vision that doing the task will help you move toward.

7. Lisbeth Tanz @LisbethTanz , Lisbeth’s Blog “Your Words, Your Voice”

Understand if your procrastination is because of a real issue (don’t have the resources, research isn’t complete, etc.) or due to a mindset issue (It will take too long, I don’t know how to do it, I have other things that are more pressing,… etc.). If you can identify the true source of procrastination, you’ll be in a better place to deal with it. It it’s external (not enough research), then schedule time to do the research. If it’s an internal mental block, look more deeply as to why you’re allowing this to prevent you from moving forward. Why are you staying stuck?

8. Paula Lee Bright @almost60really , Paula’s Blog “Almost 60, Really?”

For those who are TRUE procrastinators like me, nothing short of setting an appointment with ME works best. I cut myself the slack while I think over the post for a day, but know that at noon tomorrow I start.
Then, at noon,… NO EXCUSES. It works for the times when I’m falling behind.

9. Martha Giffen @MarthaGiffen , Martha’s Blog “Martha Giffen. Helping you through the maze of online marketing”

I use another human being! It has come in the form of an accountability partner, a mastermind group and also a personal coach. But,seems like once I put the project out there and say it to one of those, they tend to hold my feet to the fire. OR is it that once I SAY it, that brings it into existence? OR I don’t want to disappoint THEM? Who knows? I could get sorta deep with the thought train! LOL

10. Tambre Leighn @tambreleighn, Tambre’s Blog “Coaching by Tambre”

Identify the underlying purpose to each task. Connecting to the core value the task is related to or the feeling that the task generates will help you move into warp speed, past any procrastination blocks. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and your task is to go to the gym for an hour three times a week, then identify what completing the task will give you…more energy, better health, stress reduction. If these things mean something to you then you’ve identified a core value and will be more inspired to get into action on it.

BONUS Check out this great video on procrastination by Lynn Brown of Learn It to Earn It

Do you have a tip, trick or way to climb over that wall of procrastination?

Did one of these tip really hit home for you?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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I need more time! 

Where does the time go?

Time sure flies doesn’t it?

We are really obsessed with time aren’t we?

All these little comments reflect our way of dealing with the fact that our time is limited. As I’ve said before you only get 60 mins in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. No more, no less (excluding that pesky daylight savings time!). On one hand we feel the need to experience as much as possible and on the other hand we want to take great pleasure in our here and now. Quite a push-pull situation.  One that can cause a fair bit of internal stress actually. 

To resolve this you really need to start spending time on what matters.  I know I wrote about time being like a gift card and lots of people loved that analogy.  The question keeps coming back to how do I know where to spend my time to get the most value?  Listen carefully to that question to find your answer.  “The most value” you asked for?  There’s your clue!

You need to be fully aware of your core values and learn to base your life choices on these.  So many of us base it on what we perceive we ‘should’ want/feel/do.  If that worked I’d be out of a job and we’d all be happy and content.  One of my favourite examples is what I went personally went through recently–replacing my car!  Now I was smart enough to do a little research (or so I thought).  I started off knowing what I needed in a car. By the time the marketers and savvy commercials worked their magic I found myself stretching my budget to get something I didn’t really need; but wanted.  Or did I? When I took a breather and the magic of the new car smell wore off, I realized I’d rather not spend that much per month because I really wanted to save for a vacation. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I coughed up all that money for a car.  Sure it’s fun to drive, but that bit of fun wasn’t worth giving up the experience of travel for me.  The bottom line a fancy car isn’t what I really value in life.  So, it’s back to the drawing board with a written out list of needs, a money cap and a much calmer outlook. 

I was able to make this choice because I am very aware of what my core values are and I am basing my car buying choices on these.  This is a very simplistic example of how living from your values can save you time, stress and focus your life on the right things for you.

Your values can help you with all kinds of decisions.  It is what I do with my clients for amazing and life changing results. 


If you know what really means something to you AND you spend your time in that arena rather than one that means little to you,

 chances are the feeling that you are wasting time will diminish or disappear. 


Quick! Can you list your ten most important values?

 How about five?  

If you can’t do that pretty quick you might want to take some time to delve into discovering your core values.  Here is the perfect companion for this!

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Where to start?

First lesson of time management is usually the most surprising. 

You cannot manage time.

There, whew, it’s over.  Okay? Still with me?  Confused? Don’t be.   Time is intangible; it is at the same time infinite and finite.  Exactly what magical wands do you possess that you think you can actual manage or somehow alter that?? (cus I’d love to borrow it for a day or two if I may)

Here’s the trick to understanding this.  You can only manage yourself.

Think of your day like a gift card.  Yes,  a gift card.  Everyday we get this gift of time and everyday the gift card expires.  Don’t worry…a new one comes each day!

When you go shopping with a real, in your hand, store gift card, how do you handle that?  Would you head into Macy’s and just start buying whatever you see first?  In fact why not forget style and don’t even bother trying it on for fit!  Would you hit the kids section and buy up all kind of cute tiny sleepers even though you don’t actually have a child at home? Or perhaps some patio furniture and you live in a condo? 

Do I sound ridiculous? Of course I do. We know the card is limited and so we carefully judge what it is we really want to spend our money on. But if you think about it we often waste our gift of time in much the same way and yet don’t realize how crazy that is as well.  We have the choice to spend our gift of time carefully and in a well thought out manner.  Yet, we often end up spending our precious time on things that don’t matter, don’t fit our life goals and end up frustrating us as we find we never have ‘time’ for what we really want to do.  Sound familiar?

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No, no, I don’t mean the peanut butter, or making your pants fit tighter.  Hmm…perhaps that should be chunking?  But it sounds so much more fun the other way.

Either way the point is that if you are feeling stressed out because you feel like you’re barely keeping your head above water here is a tip!

Learn to chunk your time. 

Let’s back up here for just a minute. In a previous post I mentioned the time management is a myth right? That you can’t manage time, it has 24 hours in a day and no matter what you try you can’t get any more.  And yes…you really DO need to sleep sometime.  Ok so many people think the key is to multi-task; you know do many things at once so you get more done.  You know what? All that does is get a bunch of things sorta or partially done; certainly not done to the best of your ability. 

Truly, there are very few who can actually focus on more than one thing at a time effectively.  Perhaps they are out there, but I’ve yet to meet them.  You can do this hit and miss if you like but there is a better way.


This is far more effective

Simply put chunking is when you strategically focus on one thing.  In order to begin you need to do the following.  Take your best guess at how long a project will take you.  Block out that time to focus on doing just that one thing.  Turn off your email and twitter alerts.  Unless it requires it, put the phone down and turn the ringer off.  Close the door, or even go so far as to put a sign up “closed for interruptions” .  Whatever it takes to get to a place with no distractions.  The key here is FOCUS!  Turn all your attention to whatever you need to do and you will get it done effectively and efficiently.  In fact, you really should add an estimate of how much time each and evert task will take on your to-do list.  This will help you plan your day effectively.

If this seems a bit over-scheduled don’t worry. You are not planning every minute of your life.  In fact I strongly recommend that you allow for flex time in there because as we all know..stuff happens.  Try this out a little at a time if need be.  Want to write and schedule your blogs?  How long does it take to write the 2 or 3 you post each week?  2 hours?  Find a time to focus on that, nothing else and see what happens.

This just doesn’t apply to your work either.  Try this technique when sitting down for dinner or a conversation with your spouse or kids.  Really hear them and be able to listen with your whole spirit, not in between tweets! 

So go on then..get chunky!

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Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save. 

~Will Rogers

Can’t put your finger on where all your time is going or are you just so overwhelmed you don’t even know where to start? 

Many of us are getting stressed out trying to figure out how to fit everything into our day.  One of the biggest issues when dealing with this is that we don’t know where out time is actually going!  How can you go about managing something that you only  have a vague understanding of? You can’t. 

If you really want to figure out how to get it together you first need to figure out where the problems lie.  When it comes to your time and feelings of overwhelm, the best way to see what is really going on is to paint yourself a real and tangible picture.  Once you have this in black and white you can objectively look at it and start to get a true idea of what is happening and how your time is really being spent.  Then and only then can you start to create a plan to deal with your issues.

How to do that? The easiest way is to keep an activity journal.  You can carry a small notebook with you and jot down things as they happen.  To help you I have created an easy to use form that you can print out to stay organized and to assist you in looking for patterns in your behaviour. 

I want to give you this  to help you get going.  Download it here for free! Activitylogtime

I advise that you keep this log for at least a week, two is better.  Patterns develop over time.  Don’t forget to include the little things you do, like stop working to check twitter or facebook or your email.  It can take a number of minutes for you to get back into being able to focus on your actual task whenever you take a break.  If you keep taking little stops here and there you are, in fact, wasting even more time then you realize. 

All activities are not created equal either!  That is why there is a column on the activity log for value.  Assign a value to the task in terms of how important is it to your greater well-being.  To go back to my previous example; is checking your facebook every few minutes really adding value to your day or business goals? Could that time be better organized and better spent?

Need help trying to get a handle on managing your time?  Perhaps it’s time to invest in yourself and talk to a Personal Coach!  Contact me to see what we can do to create new possibilities for you!

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Unless of course you have some sort of time manipulating super power or maybe a super-cool top-secret time machine (and in which case this article is not for you but please email me!): time management is a big fat story we tell ourselves.

Time cannot be managed.  It moves along regardless of what we are doing or planning.  Time could care less if you get your big project done on time or get to the dry cleaners before they close for that matter.  It continues to plod steadily along, 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours a day…no matter how much we try to find more time it just isn’t going to happen.

The fact is you cannot manage something like time.  We can only manage ourselves and this is what we are really talking about when we talk about time management.  Really we should be talking about self management! Talking about managing time is a bit of a hoax but it does relieve us of some of the accountability doesn’t it?  After all it doesn’t sound as bad to say you ran out of time rather than to be honest and say you took on too many tasks today and got bogged down does it? 

That being said if you want to take back control of your time and your life, get rid of overwhelm and start living in the fabulous manner you dream of; you better realize that blaming time isn’t going to cut  it.

It’s time to start being responsible and accountable for yourself (pun intended!) There is no way you can boost your self esteem, learn to be self aware or create the life you want if you are allowing an intangible like time to hold you hostage.

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