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I don’t know that I’d call this post a ‘rant’ persay…but it’s up there!

So. You want to give me the old line about how you want ‘Peace on Earth’ for the New Year do you? 


Interesting. Okay so how are you going to go about getting that

Yes, yes I’m being a bit obnoxious here but you know it kind of irks me that people spout this old line as if they really DO want this to happen yet DO NOTHING about it. It doesn’t work that way.

So what do most people say when I start this line of questioning?  They tell me that they are only one person and can’t make the whole world peaceful.  Oh. I see…you think one person can’t fix everything so why bother fixing anything?  Oh goodness…how many of us are waiting for someone else to take care of this?

Too many!

In fact, I see this kind of nonsense all over the place.  Here’s the thing about that kind of thinking. It’s self-serving and full of BS.  Sorry but it’s true.

One person can most certainly make a difference.  In fact, sometimes one person can start something that can change the world; or the world of one other person.

So I was challenged on this, as I’m sure a few of you are getting ready to do in the comments below (and please do!).  The challenge was “how can I, by  myself create world peace?”  (okay, there was a bit of “don’t I watch the news or anything?” thrown in there too but let’s keep this civil ).  Maybe you can’t, but you can begin the process by creating peace within your own heart and soul, within your family and from there it will spread out and start creating postitive change.

Think about this.  If you raise 2 children to be kind, compassionate and forward thinkers, you have put two more ambassadors out into the world.  If they each touch some lives and make a difference they spread the movement.  Geesh, if they each raise two children the same way…now you have 6 right?  C’mon you remember exponential growth. 

The time you spend offering those who are struggling a hand up might make the difference in the lives of more than just that one person.  Not only do others watch and see what you are doing and hopefully become inspired to do the same but that one person affects others lives as well. 

You know that old saying about ripples in a pond?  Well the pebble that started it all never really gets to see how far they go does it?   But the ripples are still there and go on affecting all that they also touch.

If you step up and live in the truth of peace and compassion even when it’s hard you will inspire others to do the same.  You give strength to those who are fearful of living their truth.  The lives you touch are made better.  For one person (or many) you might show a kindness that changes everything for them.  Their world suddenly becomes different. 

How is this not healing the world?

So please, don’t tell me some tired old line about what you want for others.  Instead show the world that you can make a difference.  Change your world.  Make some ripples in the pond that you live in!  What you think is tiny might be a game changer for someone else.  Start the movement where you stand today.  Peace on Earth might not come for the whole world just yet, but it can begin with you. 


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