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Okay okay..I know that seems kind of high pressure right?  Hear me out though!

This morning I started my first tele-call with that comment too.  And it is true.  And yes, it really would be a lot of pressure on you if what I meant was that everyone’s happiness and joy depend on you, but that is not what I mean. Not by a long shot.  Sadly though a number of people do think this way.

I’m talking about the fact that your happiness and joy and peace do start with you.

What are some of the issues we all face during holidays or celebrations?  (heck..I’ll even give you there are just regular day-to-day stuff that does this too)

  • feelings of time overwhelm
  • money issues (specifically blowing our budget to make others happy)
  • family drama
  • ‘do everything so people will like me’ syndrome
  • feeling put upon
  • self-imposed judgements
  • allowing past issues to color today

What ends up happening when we feel this way?

  • stress
  • burnout
  • we feel frustrated
  • get irritable
  • fight needlessly with loved ones
  • emotional (in a bad way)
  • disappointed and depressed

I get it. I was the exact same way for years.  I would set my expectations high and at the same time prepare hard to be disappointed.  Guess what? I succeeded every year in finding problems and ended up feeling sad that I was ‘right’ about what would happen.  It was dreadful.

My favourite line when dealing with my family drama was “I can’t help it, they push my buttons!”  Uh-huh.  

What did I do?  Well after a lot of soul-searching, self-awareness training and reflection I realized some stuff.  First off, my buttons are my buttons. I can turn them off or on.  If my buttons are turned off then ‘they’ can keep pressing them all they want but it won’t do anything right? Kind of like taking the batteries out of your kids loud toys.  🙂

The other thing I realized is that I have, along with MANY other people a real issue with judgments.  I felt I was being judged all the time by others.  I thought people were deciding if I was doing enough, gifting enough, spending enough and if my life was good enough.  The thing is, most of the time these judgements were not really coming from anyone but me.  Let’s face it most of us are more worried about how others see us than about how we are actually seeing each other.  Crazy right?  But there it is.  Once I was aware of the belief that I was being judged and I was able to see that this was really self-imposed judgements I was able to begin to shift my belief system.

What can you do to make your holiday better?

  • set boundaries for your time, money and energy
  • ask for help, delegate and let go of the idea that perfect is ideal
  • get over yourself; your way might be good but so might someone elses
  • embrace the quirks and crooked trees…this is where special memories come from after all
  • look at your own value system and make choices from there
  • pace yourself
  • choose to respond to situations in a way that serves you and your needs
  • be aware of what your needs are and understand it is perfectly okay to want to get these met

Keep at the front of your mind what you look for you will find.  So, look for the best in everyone and everything.  Find that instead this year.  Living from compassion and gratitude is the key to celebrating the holiday (and every day) with love and joy in your heart. 

So yes. It is all you…at least that is where is starts.  Surround yourself with positive thoughts, healthy choices for you and watch the peace and love spread.


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My last post talked about saying ‘yes’ to opportunity that presents itself.  This is right in line with that. I know I don’t usually post at this time of the week but I am way too excited to wait on this!

Okay, so you know I’ve talked a bit about making the holiday a really lovely memory, one that doesn’t involve the January fear of the visa or stressing out over past issues.   I was talking on facebook to a friend about those posts and she mentioned how I need to gather all the ‘stuff’ I was talking about into one place. 


I had an idea.  Wait…bam? Ya that’ll do. Let’s stop the madness, stress and overwhelm. This isn’t what family time is supposed to be like! Much of what I talk about will apply to everyday life, not just the holidays.  The holidays just seem to drag all of our issue out and magnify them don’t they? We don’t have to accept that as our reality! 

So, on December 16 at 9am I am going to host a FREE call to talk about how to make any holiday the kind that you want to remember because it brings warm memories, not eye rolling or tears.

I want you to be there.   I also want you to let me know if you have any questions or issues you’d specifically like me to address. You can always email them to me or stop by my event page on facebook and leave them there. 

The only thing is the host I use for the tele call limits how many people can call in.  I’ve already had folks signing up so you don’t want to sit on this one too long.  All you have to do is register here to get the call in information. 

I really hope you join me on this call.  I have a lot to share with you!

Can I be perfectly transparent here? I do plan on recording the call, but I will only be sharing it with those who’ve registered.  Let’s stop the madness, stress and overwhelm. This isn’t what family time is supposed to be like! Much of what I talk about will apply to everyday life, not just the holidays.  The holidays just seem to drag all of our issue out and magnify them don’t they?

Okay, so let’s get together and talk about what we can do differently that will shift our reality to one we actually love.  Sound good?   It’s time to say yes to you!


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