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Comfort zones? We hear a lot of talk about this idea. A point in our life, or an area of our life that we are so familiar with and so comfortable in that we mire ourselves there quite happily.

I don’t buy it. First of all, consider that if these ‘zones’ are so darn comfy why is it we keep trying to break ourselves out of them? In truth, I think these are more like stuck zones. We are used to the way things are and let’s face it; a lot of the time any change is scary.

It is human nature to move away from things that are upsetting, scary or stressful. Change upsets our balance. Someone once said that human beings can find a way to adapt to anything except constant change. It’s true. There are millions of cases where people stay in abusive relationships, dead end jobs they hate, neighbourhoods they dislike and more all because they resist moving out of this comfort zone. You can see why I prefer to look at it as a stuck zone then?

The problem is we can’t grow or improve our lives and selves without a willingness to take steps to move outside this stuck zone. On top of all of that, it’s isn’t just stressful, but it takes effort; sometimes a lot of work in fact.

I recently had to make some choices to either remain stuck myself or create a plan to move in a new direction. Becoming a Life Coach was my passion, I prepared by becoming certified, among other things, but it can still be scary to branch outside of teaching in a classroom. You see, I am very confident in my teaching skills from years of experience. It is easier to consider staying a fulltime teacher, but it would leave me stuck and feeling unfullfilled as a person.

Have you forced yourself to live bigger by leaving your stuck zone? How did you do it?


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